DISCLAIMER: This website is not affiliated or connected to any political campaign, or political candidate, although the linked documents below are connected DIRECTLY to candidate Don Ware. The people who did the work to compile this record of Don Ware's criminal actions in Cherokee and Forsyth County are anonymous specifically because of Don Ware's past violent criminal history and do not want to risk being exposed to retaliation. Don Ware himself made this website possible. Without his history of criminal activity the official government records of his criminal actions, arrests and convictions wouldn't exist. It is a moral obligation to share this information with the citizens of Cherokee County before they vote for this office.
The facts speak for themselves.
   This is the true story about convicted criminal Don Ware's service to the citizens of Cherokee County, while employed as a deputy sheriff with the Cherokee Sheriff's Office (CSO). Everything mentioned in the following is verifiable through public records which are linked throughout this page, and all documents referenced in this page are linked HERE.
   On June 6th, 1997, Coroner candidate Don Ware, (as a CSO Deputy Sheriff with over 7 years of experience,) physically tortured inmate Christopher Stone with his left foot on Stone's neck and right foot on his back, while Mr. Stone was handcuffed, face down on the concrete floor of cell #38 at the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center (ADC). Don stood on Stone's back (Don is a big guy; he's 6'4") and for a reason only Don knows, he even jumped up and down on Christopher Stone's back and neck while he screamed in pain, causing Stone to defecate himself. To make sure Mr. Stone knew that the CSO doesn't mess around, Don told the handcuffed Mr. Stone, "You know what, I really don't give a shit if you die. I'll do the paperwork." Don even told Mr. Stone "I was trained by the Air Force, we can kill with our feet man!" These are quite revealing statements for a man who wants to be your Coroner. Also note, Don Ware has never served in the military, in spite of the impression he likes to make with his logo, and the false image he publicly portrays.

   After standing on Mr. Stone for 3 minutes and periodically jumping on his back and neck (count how long 3 minutes is and imagine a large man bouncing on your back and neck), Don and his fellow deputies picked up the now subdued Mr. Stone, took him out of the cell and handcuffed him to a restraining chair. Don then dragged Stone by his head back into cell #38 where he was locked inside with his hands and feet still tightly handcuffed to the restraining chair, saying "He's earned it". After taunting and harassing Mr. Stone from outside the cell, Don then decided to further torture Mr. Stone by taking a can of pepper spray and spraying it under the door while Mr. Stone was handcuffed to the chair! How much fun was that?!? Apparently torturing Stone was soooo much fun, Don sprayed the handcuffed, sleeping, and subdued Christopher Stone TWICE!

   Don's moral turpitude was on full display, so much so that Don was put on administrative leave while being formally investigated by the CSO. The investigation found that Don's actions were so outrageous, despicable, debase, and appalling it was recommended he be immediately terminated from the Sheriff's office, that his records be annotated as "DO NOT RE-HIRE" and that the incident be reported to the FBI by Sheriff Roger Garrison.

   Specifically, the internal investigation found and sustained that Deputy Ware violated six (6) GO's (general orders):
 1. GO 95-6 Handling Persons in Custody and GO 95-12 - "that you used force that was unreasonable to include standing and bouncing on the back and neck of a handcuffed inmate while he was laying face down on the floor in holding cell 38;"
 2. GO 95-2 Use of Pepper Spray - "in that you used pepper spray without the proper justification against an inmate in holding cell 38 who was incapacitated due to suspected intoxication and who was restrained within the cell;"
 3. GO 95-12 Use of Force - "in that you failed to prepare and submit a Use of Force Report to your immediate supervisor prior to your departure from duty on June 6, outlining the facts and circumstances concerning the physical force and pepper spray you used against the inmate in holding cell 38;"
 4. Authority, Discretion and Arrest - "in that you exceeded the limits of your authority as a deputy sheriff by using force that was not reasonable under the circumstances of the situation;"
 5. GO 95-22 Code of Conduct - "in that you mistreated a person in legal custody by using physical force and pepper spray not appropriate or reasonable to the situation and further, that you used language, made statements, and failed to exercise the utmost patience or control of your temper in a manner to impair the efficient operation of the Adult Detention Center, AND;"
 6. GO 95-22 Code of Conduct - "in that you failed to comply with the verbal and written orders of Lieutenant Ed Lacey by not being at your directed place of duty on Thursday, June 12 at approximately 14:00 hours and by failing to notify Lt. Lacey that you would not be at your directed place of duty."

   This, ladies and gentlemen, is the REAL Don Ware, as described in detail by the distinguished and respected Cherokee Sheriff's Office.
   To read the investigation portion from the Cherokee Sheriff's Office for yourself, click HERE.
   Meanwhile, tortured inmate Christopher Stone filed a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit against Deputy Don, Sheriff Garrison, the CSO, and the other deputies. The lawsuit cost the taxpayers of Cherokee County attorney fees, depositions, and ultimately at least $600,000 was paid out to the inmate Don tortured, Christopher Stone.
   During the lawsuit, Don threw the other deputies under the bus and even claimed Deputy Charlie Frizzell, who was only 6 months into his law enforcement career at the CSO, kicked Mr. Stone in the head while Deputy Don was standing on him. Don claiming the kicking story caused the deputy he accused, Charlie Frizzell, along with lead investigator Lieutenant Ed Lacey, and even Sheriff Roger Garrison, to submit sworn testimony under oath that Frizzell did not kick the inmate, nor was this allegation made during the investigation or appear in Ware's written statement, and the jail's surveillance video didn't show it happening. The video DOES however, show Don Ware kicking the handcuffed, face down and defenseless inmate in the head. Don and his attorneys even went so far as to blame Sheriff Garrison for not training Don on the use of the restraining chair and the use of pepper spray.

So much for Don Ware's devotion and commitment to the "thin blue line"!

   While YOU, the taxpayers of Cherokee County were paying off the man tortured by Don Ware and everyone's lawyers, the FBI wasn't laughing in the same manner Don Ware was laughing at Christopher Stone during the incident.
Specifically, the FBI charged Don Ware with:
US Code Title 18, Section §242 - Deprivation of rights under color of law.

   C'mon FBI! Have a sense of humor!! Everyone knows how much fun it is to rough up a defenseless, handcuffed drunk! And lighten up a little! The pepper spray under the door was probably just an attention getter! Mr. Stone needed a little freshening up, and what's better than a little pepper spray? Don Ware even made clear in the CSO investigation the force he used was appropriate.

   After the FBI charged now former Deputy Don in [The United States of America, Plaintiff, vs. Don Ware, Defendant, Case Number 1:99-CR-601], Don pleaded GUILTY (he had no choice; the incident was on video and the CSO investigation was overwhelming), Don was sentenced to 12 months supervised probation, 200 hours of community service, and a $1000 fine. Don soon violated his probation after being charged with the criminal actions of Harassing Phone Calls, Stalking, and Criminal Trespass with Damage in Forsyth County. Court ordered mental health counseling was required to keep his probation in check.
The probation violation document requiring court ordered mental health counseling is available HERE.

  You'll notice the charges of Stalking and Criminal Trespass with Damage aren't on the probation violation page, but they ARE on record with the Forsyth County Clerk of Court (linked below). Don pled NOLO (no contest) to the charge of Criminal Trespass with Damage. He was sentenced to 12 months confinement in the State Penal System, but allowed to serve his 12 month prison sentence on probation provided he met the conditions of his probation, was fined $500, required to perform 20 hours of community service, and attend parenting classes. The State Court also ordered Don to attend at least five (5) anger management classes, along with a number of additional parenting classes.
  The public records detailing Don Ware's arrest in Forsyth County for his criminal actions leading to the charges of Harassing Phone Calls, Stalking, and Trespass with Damage, and his suspended prison sentence for Criminal Trespass With Damage, can be viewed HERE.
  But wait! There's more! After pleading NOLO to Criminal Trespass with Damage, Don was not done getting himself arrested in Forsyth County. Just a few months later on July 5th, 2000, an arrest warrant was issued for Don Ware for abandonment of his 11 and 9 year old children, in that he "failed to provide food, clothing and shelter..." Don's probation officer from the Federal civil rights case was a state's witness against him in the abandonment arrest and charge. After a successful mediation, the Abandonment charges were dismissed.
Read the Abandonment document, including the arrest warrant HERE.    
Quite a rap sheet, wouldn't you say? Certainly a man of "action?"
Do you believe the following are desirable qualities for an elected official, who will be in charge of crime scenes?
1. Tortured someone?
2. Told someone you don't care if they die?
3. Been charged and convicted of depriving someone of their rights under the color of law?
4. Been arrested and charged with making Harassing Phone Calls?
5. Been arrested and charged with Stalking?
6. Been arrested and charged and convicted of Criminal Trespass with Damage?
7. Been arrested and charged with Abandonment of your children?

  Also, notice that Mr. Ware's criminal actions in Forsyth County took place a full 3 years AFTER his criminal actions at the Cherokee Adult Detention Center.

  So now, Don Ware is asking you, the voters and taxpayers of Cherokee County, to ignore O.C.G.A. § 45-16-1 and the included Moral Turpitude requirement stating, "5. Must be a citizen of this state and must not have been convicted of a felony or any offense involving moral turpitude.", and to instead put your trust in him again by allowing him to be our Coroner. Would you really entrust him to handle your beloved friends and relatives when they pass away? Would you trust him to investigate the cause of death in suspicious circumstances? Would you trust him to adhere to O.C.G.A. § 42-4-3 and act as the keeper of the Cherokee County jail as required by Georgia law, the same location where he tortured a man, was fired, and criminally convicted for it? He might even pinky swear promise not to jump up and down on them to make sure they are dead, or pepper spray in their body bag, at least not on video.
It's a question worth asking.

  As mentioned above, every detail you just read is backed up with documented and video evidence, it's all public record, and linked on this page.

  The quote, "I really don't give a shit if you die. I'll do the paperwork" is not found in the CSO documents; however, it's what Don Ware clearly says in the video as he bounces on the man's back.
Ask Don to tell you about it. He hasn't owned up to it yet.


Due to Don Ware and his attorney Bryan Tyson's inability to present any reasonable defense in the face of certain defeat at the hands of Bill Parrish, Tim Adderholdt, and high powered Georgia defense attorney Catherine Bernard, the open to the public hearing to decide the eligibility of  Don Ware to run for coroner has been CANCELLED.

A formal challenge to the eligibility of coroner candidate Don Ware was filed on March 19, 2020 at the Cherokee County Elections & Voter Registration office. The challenge was filed based on the allegation Don Ware is forbidden from running for coroner by a Federal plea agreement with the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, and on the grounds of Moral Turpitude for torturing Christopher Stone at the Cherokee Adult Detention Center. Following the submittal of the challenge, prominent elections attorney Bryon Tyson submitted a reply on behalf of Don Ware. On April 13, 2020, a rebuttal to Mr. Tyson's reply, with new information challenging 23 years consecutive residency, was submitted to the Cherokee Board of Elections by high powered Georgia defense attorney Catherine Bernard. All of these documents are linked below.

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